Killing The It Girl

The It Girl by Ruth Ware

A 5⭐️ Book Teview

This was my first Ruth Ware book, and it definitely won’t be my last! I really enjoyed the story, the writing, and the twists of her newest book, The It Girl.

What I Loved about Ruth Ware’s The It Girl

Hannah Jones is the lead of the story. She is haunted by the murder of April, her best friend and roommate, at the end of their first year as Pelham College students at the University of Oxford. Almost a decade after the murder, Hannah is married to Will, who was April’s boyfriend, working in a bookshop, and is six months’ pregnant with Will’s child. Despite running away from Pelham, she is consumed by April’s death and questions who the killer really was.

The time shifts in this book do wonders to love the story along. It’s not a new writing construct to switch from before and after defining events for characters, but Ware does it beautifully, making us understand the dynamics of Hannah’s friend group, her Pelham experience, and how her life is defined by what happened to April.

The setting makes this story! I love a book with an academic setting, and what has more academic prestige than the University of Oxford? Ware uses Oxford masterfully in The It Girl, as the university is a rich, mysterious background player for Hannah and her friends.

Overall, this was a great read, a perfect thriller and whodunnit for my taste! I hope you’ll pick up this one soon.

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