A Dark and Twisty Turnout

The Turnout by Megan Abbott

A 4⭐️ Book Review

The Turnout by Megan Abbott s a dark, twisted look at two sisters, Dara and Marie, who run their mother’s ballet studio, the Durant School of Dance, with Dara’s husband, Charlie, who was once the star pupil at the school.

The three live in a very insular, rigid world of dance and family, and just as they are prepping for the start of Nutcracker season, an accident occurs. Then a stranger arrives at the studio claiming that he will fix their studio and their lives. But like a fatal misstep on the dance floor, the Durant family starts to spin out of control.

I love dark books like this one, and I love ballet, though I’m definitely not a dancer. Black Swan is one of my favorite movies, and The Nutcracker is a classic. I enjoy reading this one because of the dark, fantastical world of ballet and the twists between the characters.

This was a good, solid read to add to my December 2021 list!

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