Crows & The Zombie Apocalypse

What happens when the zombie apocalypse hits and a domesticated crow must seek out survival alongside his pal, Dennis the Dog?

I’d never considered the answer to this question before, but Kira Jane Buxton takes us on a quest to find resolution for S.T. (Sh*t Turd) and Dennis in her book, Hollow Kingdom.

I’m not quite sure what to think after finishing this book, but I am certain about several things.

I am certain that I’ve never read a tome like this before. I am certain that Ms. Buxton writes with fantastic imagery and unique turns of phrase.

I am certain that the anthropomorphic qualities of the animals S.T. and Dennis encounter are both hilarious and tragic, especially the scenes with my favorite animals–elephants.

I am certain that the MoFos (humans) had it coming. Finally, I am certain that creativity like this needs to be celebrated.

Have you read Hollow Kingdom? What unique books surprised you?

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