Found Family in The People We Keep

The People We Keep by Allison Larkin

A 5⭐️ Book Review

So many people recommended The People We Keep by Allison Larkin, and I’m mad that I took so long to pick it up. This book is so good!

Teenage April is lost, physically and emotionally abandoned by her parents, adrift in her relationships with boys, and desperate to use her music to make a statement. As she tries to escape from her past and from her mistakes, she meets a collection of characters who teach her about the world – some lessons are good, and some not so good. But what she finds along the way adds to her strong sense of survival.

I can’t give away too many details except that this is a love story of friendship and found family, and an amazing one at that. I loved the nuanced characters, how they drive the plot to this story, and the outcome is so satisfying without being at all saccharine. Ms. Larkin has written a winner with The People We Keep!

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