Good Reading with Illicit Intent

Illicit Intent

By Debbie Baldwin

A 5-Star Book Review

I love stories and movies in which seemingly unconnected storylines and characters come together over the course of the main plot. It’s so satisfying when the connections become apparent. That’s why I enjoyed Illicit Intent by Debbie Baldwin so much, in addition to the amazing chemistry between her characters, particularly Miller “Tox” Buchanan and Calliope Garland.

This installment of the Bishop Security series weaves together a grand art heist, a financier’s wrongdoings, and a lot of steam between Tox and Calliope. I really enjoyed the characters and their rapport, as well as the interactions between Tox and his brothers of Bishop Security. The plot and subplots art fast-paced and intricate, making for a great read!

Thank you to Debbie Baldwin for my gifted copy of Illicit Intent and the other books in her series: False Front and Buried Beneath. I can’t wait to read them!

And as a bonus? My Fire Pet and Fantasy candles from Serpent and Flame add just the right amount of color-coordinated glitter to this post! Fire Pet is a blend of saffron, ginger, amber and a dash of lemon with warm, spicy and citrus notes while Fantasy is sweet and earthy blend of red currant, sandalwood and citrus. I love them!

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