Switching Lives

The Seven Day Switch by Kelly Harms

A 4⭐️ Book Review

Do you remember Freaky Friday? I’m old enough to remember the Jodie Foster movie, as well as the more recent Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan remake. Neither movies were my favorite, but it’s a cute concept.

The Seven Day Switch takes that concept and puts two overstressed, misunderstood suburban moms against each other. Wendy excels in her work as a productivity consultant but can’t get her husband or kids to take out the trash. Celeste is a stay-at-home-mom who makes organic bento box lunches and hand-sews outfits for her pre-teen while trying to connect with the other moms in the neighborhood. After a sangria-filled night at the softball park, Wendy and Celeste wake up in each other’s bodies. Hilarity, misunderstandings, and realizations ensue.

I enjoyed this read. While fairly predictable, there were some really touching moments between these two moms as both realize that neither one has a lock on parenting. In the end, the book solidified its message that everyone struggles, no matter what their outside life looks like.

As a mom of three teens/pre-teens with a pretty stressful job that I love, I could relate to a lot of this book. Busyness is definitely a challenge, and I find myself looking at social media wondering how those other moms are doing everything so well while I’m over here dealing with mounds of self-doubt.

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