Finding Anna K

Anna Karenina is one of those big books that I carry around and say I will read, some day. The story intrigues me, but I’m not committed to it yet. However, when I found out that Anna K is a retelling of the story, set amongst the opulence of over-privileged high school kids in New York City, I was hooked. And the book did not disappoint!

Written by Jenny Lee, Anna K is the story of our titular character’s status as the best of the best in her wide circle of friends between NYC and Greenwich. But it all crumbles as Anna becomes enthralled with Alexia – Count V to his friends. The teenage infatuation is over the top and filled with secrets, danger, and a question of status over true love. And I am here for all of it. The characters were like a great combination of Gossip Girl, Korean cultural expectations, and a 1% attitude, but they also had depth and showed an evolution throughout the book.

I’m excited to read Anna K Away soon, as I can’t wait to learn how Anna’s story continues.

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