Owning My Title

I have a doctorate, but I rarely use the title “Dr.” I’ve had bosses who told me to ‘own that title’ and bosses who said my education level doesn’t matter. I’ve been told to add my title to presentations and told to remove it, mostly when others may be “Dr” as well, and there’s a … Continue reading “Owning My Title”

Enjoying Black Cake

Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson A Five-Star Book Review I went in blind when I started reading Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson, having only seen rave reviews of this debut novel on Bookstagram. I can say now that those reviews were totally on point. This book is beautiful! I describe Ms. Wilkerson’s writing as magic, … Continue reading “Enjoying Black Cake”

Childhood Experiences and the Influence on My Body

It is well-established that experiences in childhood can impact your life as an adult. While literature on the subject continues to grow, a recent study encapsulates this phenomenon for me: Childhood experiences affect family health in adulthood in the expected direction. Even in the presence of early adversity, positive experiences in childhood can provide a … Continue reading “Childhood Experiences and the Influence on My Body”

Revisiting Sweet Valley High as an Adult in 2022

Some people may define their guilty pleasure reading habits by choosing campy science fiction, mystical creature-human love stories, or smutty dime romances. Kudos to them. I say read what you want to read, because I have a guilty pleasure, too. My guilty pleasure books take place in an idyllic small California town, where the Pacific … Continue reading “Revisiting Sweet Valley High as an Adult in 2022”

My Bookish Body

I’m at a loss with my body. I want this new installment here will be a way for me to chronicle these challenges and to find some kind of accountability to make changes. This is the first time I’ve publicly documented the scale’s reports, the embarrassment and self-hatred of feeling out of control. This is … Continue reading “My Bookish Body”


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