REVIEW: Audiobook – Talking as Fast as I Can

Finally! My first review of the year is going up!

Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

Image Source: Goodreads

When I first heard that Lauren Graham was coming out with a book about Gilmore Girls, I was ecstatic. She’s one of my favorite actors that was on that show.  I knew then that I had to read it. Or well, listen to it. So I did.

Listening to Lauren Graham read her own book was incredible. She was funny, witty, and did an all around fantastic job. This lead me to give the audiobook a 5/5 star rating on Goodreads.

Talking as Fast as I Can was inspiring. She begins with her story on how she became an actor. She talked about the struggles and hardships she faced to get to where she is. She went over where she grew up, her education, the history of her acting career (including school plays), her first jobs, men she dated, and how she once tried to go vegan. She talks about ridiculous diets that don’t work. But somehow, she manages to sound down to earth and humorous, while yet being serious and incredibly inspiring.

However, the audiobook/book isn’t just about herself. She talks about the cast of Gilmore Girls and what it was like meeting them. As well as, what it was like working with them. At some point in the audiobook, when she gets to talking about the revival, she brings up Edward Hermann and his passing. She talks about the effect it had on the cast and how it was difficult filming the parts that were about him.

There is plenty more I could share, but I feel that would give away too much of what the book/audiobook contains. So for now, I leave you with this, I recommend this audiobook/book to fans of the Gilmore Girls show. It’s definitely worth a read/listen.

That’s all for now. Happy reading!

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